charlstonbridgeCharleston Bridge Ride…….join us for this short urban/backroad ride as
we roll all of the major river intercostal bridges around Charleston and
surrounding areas. Prepare to see the islands, rivers, Charleston Bay, the
USS Yorktown, shipping terminals, the paper mill, and many other things as
we loop around town.



Downtown Charleston…….tag along as we roll through downtown historicdowntownchareston
Charleston where we will see the old churches, battery park, rainbow row,
the market, Coast Guard station, East Bay street, and the distinctive
architecture and culture of Charleston. Downtown parking is at premium
due to tourist season, narrow roads, and the density of homes. Thus, we
will not stop, but feel free to break off and do your own exploring. There are
no shortages of restaurants and/or bar and grills…….downtown

Self Guided Rides

FRANCIS MARION FORREST Roll through South Carolina’s past infancisride
the historic Francis Marion National Forrest. Named, after one of the
fathers of modern guerilla warfare, Brigadier General Francis Marion,
the “swamp fox,” based his effective, persistent and successful
forces inside the forest, while battling British forces ultimately pushing
them to surrender leading to the birth of a new nation. Directions: Leave
the hotel going towards I-526E towards Mount Pleasant to SC17
North. From SC-17 north at Awendaw, South Carolina, turn left
(west) onto Guerrins Bridge Road for 8-miles. Turn right (north) onto
Halfway Creek Road for 22-miles. Turn right (east) onto SC-45 for 15-
miles to McClellanville.This roads are scenic with Spanish covered
hardwood trees and Southern Pines. The roads are well marked.

Isle of Palms/Sullivan’s Island, Coastal Plains Low Country Beach

From the intersection of SC-517 and Rifle Range Road at Mt. Pleasant’s Seaside Farms Shopping Center, take SC-517 (Isle of Palms Connector)
for 3-miles east and over the Intracoastal Water Way. Turn right (south) onto SC-703 and cross the Breach Inlet bridge to Sullivan’s Island. Some 3 miles beyond the IOP Connector, turn right (SC-703 west) to leave Sullivan’s Island. Continue 2 miles on SC-703 and turn right onto Rifle Range Road for 3-miles to return to Seaside Farms.
Scenery Looking east from the top of the 65′ bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway, the Atlantic Ocean lies on the horizon behind the coastal Isle of Palms beach “cottages”. Occasionally ships can be seen heading to and from Charleston Harbor, 6-miles to the isleofpalmssouth. Thirteen-miles southwest, beyond a beautiful panoramic view of reeds and
saltwater marshes, the strikingly handsome Ravenel Bridge is visible. Great Blue Herons and other aquatic birds live in the marsh and with favorable wind conditions, the sweet aroma of ocean air is delightful. In 1864 at picturesque Breach Inlet between the
southern end of Isle of Palms and northern Sullivan’s Island, the Confederate submarine
H.L. Hunley left protected low country estuaries for open waters of the Atlantic. At Charleston Harbor, she then sank Union warship USS Housatonic. Near Sullivan’s Island Station 30th Street east, when wind is adequate, colorful sails of kite-boards soar above ocean surf. Road Quality The 12-mile route is straight except for the designated turns and a couple of rotaries on Rifle Range Road. It is also flat but for the bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway of the IOP Connector.